(4 - 7 yr olds)



Sparkles is for the 4-7 age group and helps to build a solid foundation in dance, drama and singing. The 60 minute class involves drama and singing games to improve children’s confidence and social skills and dance to help children with co-ordination and rhythm.


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The Junior Class


 (7 - 11 yr olds)



Shine Juniors take part in 40 minute classes in the three disciplines of drama, singing and movement. They then utilise their skills to work towards an end of year show.


Our drama classes aim to develop students skills in voice, technique, script work and improvisation. Improvisation provides the building blocks of acting and gives students the opportunity to use skills learnt to create their own characters and story ideas. Students are then able to maintain these ideas though their performances.


Dance classes start with a physical warm up using technique and flexibilty exercises. Shine Juniors are taught choreographed movement as well as more formal dance routines. These help to develop students core stability, flexibilty, co-ordination, posture and technique.


Our singing classes aim to help strengthen and improve vocal technique. Students work on a variety of different styles from modern pop songs to songs from Musicals. The aim for each class is to improve the voice from every aspect by working on breath control, range and strength, as well as musical interpretation.

The Senior Class


(11 - 18 yr olds)



Shine Seniors take part in 3 one hour classes made up of Dance, Drama and Singing and students work towards a major end of year Show. As well as building on skills learnt in Sparkles and Shine juniors, Shine Seniors have the opportunity to take Exams. Although these are not compulsory, Senior students are encouraged to take the exams as a measure their learning and knowledge.


The examining boards used by Shine are the Allied Dancing Association and the London College of Music.